Portfolio: Survo | Home Automation Software

Survo is a lifestyle software braving the new age of home automation. It provides a wide-net solution to unify all wireless home devices, robotics, and drones. By being an independent application, Survo can connect to multiple hubs such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Simple yet comprehensive user dashboard enables detail control of all devices and robotics within defined perimeters.




Josh Mince and Lindsey Temple

Age Group

22 to 45

Marital Status

couple, married, or independent

Other Characteristics
  • Roommates or a family with more than one member
  • Tech-savvy users with high tech devices for home automation
  • Avid mobile application users
  • Own or maintain the area of the residence

“We want to connect all the home devices without restrictions and have it be flexible enough to support new ones.”

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Josh and Lindsey have been good friends for many years. They decided to buy a home together and just acquired a beautiful condo in the city. Josh works nights at the hospital, and Lindsey works 9 to 5 at a local startup. They tend to communicate nonstop just so that they can figure out each other’s schedule. Their life is full of activities and unexpected adventures, but they respect each other and their boundaries. Both of them are big techies and love using high tech devices. If there’s a new tech toy on Kickstarter, you can bet that they have funded it already. However, they found a downside to their happy tech-loving lifestyle when they moved into their new home. Josh has a Google Mini, and Lindsey has a first generation Echo. Each of them has their group of devices purchased to use with their hub. They soon found out it won’t be easy to mold these two groups into one. Chromecast works with the Google Mini. Youtube wasn’t available on Echo. Lindsey is an expert IFTTT user, but Josh is more of an avid Google product user. They had to agree on some solution to conquer them all. For now, they are using fragmented functions of devices depending on where they are located. Sometimes you can hear them yelling out to each other in frustration because they forgot which device is connected to the temperature controller in the living room.
  1. Connecting multiple home automation hubs to a singular system for ease of access
  2. Informative notifications on use of shared spaces and access to the residence
  3. Gateway technology enabled for future updates and applications


There were many features on the Survo’s wishlist. From the research and defined targeted user persona, features for the version 1.0 were defined.



Three sets of wireframes were created: mobile, web, and Apple Watch. Defining the user flow was necessary to creating wireframes. Countless UI flows were written before moving onto the wireframe process.

user interface

The minimalistic design approach was applied to simplify the complexity of managing multiple devices.

verbal command logic (SVI system)

People can speak the same language but use different words to describe their needs. Verbal command logic is defined to help users connect with the device they are looking for and access the control of its functions with ease. The underlying information architecture of the system is modeled. Then machine learning algorithm is added which enabled the Survo Voice Interaction system to listen, question, and learn.



Due to limited resources, the product did not reach the full scope. To illustrate the relevant technology and its application, following mock-ups were created.