Portfolio: PatronIM | AR Patronage Mobile App

PatronIM is a mobile application which utilizes Augmented Reality technology to provide exposure and support for visual artists. With PatronIM, anyone can become an art patron. Users can find artists they like, support their artwork, and support artist growth. Meanwhile, artists get access to the power of the masses by getting connected to patrons who share a passion for their work.



PatrionIM was founded on a hypothesis that an alternative method of connecting two user groups – visual artists and patrons – was needed to foster the growth of the artists and encourage the masses to become art patrons.


Two surveys have been created for two types of user groups identified during the initial research: Artists and Patrons. The surveys are still in progress. The updates will be available on the product page in the future.



The goal of the wireframe design was to create a version of the product we can quickly test with the potential users to better assess the direction of the product. Below is the initial wireframe created for the prototype.


The prototype, aka MVP, was tested by real-life users who were randomly selected to volunteer to participate on the streets of Long Beach, California. Feedback from users was recorded in notes, and subsequent follow-up interviews were conducted to gather further insight from potential target users of PatronIM.

Screenshot of Patronim prototype

branding & UI

The branding focused on fun and simplicity. Basic branding assets were created for the product presentation while the user interface design was derived from the style guidelines in color scheme and iconography. Interaction design was fine-tuned within Unity for quicker assessment.


on going

Vuforia, an AR platform, is being used in conjunction with C# development on Unity for this project. PatronIM app is in its user-testing phase and will be available for an open-beta launch in early 2018 for both iOS and Android. If you are interested in participating before the product launch or would like to collaborate with our team, please check out the project page on cerebraldesigns.com.