Work Experiences

Sr. Product Manager

Vrenetic, Inc. | Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019

I returned to Vrenetic with an opportunity to build a product organization. The product team at Vrenetic was composed of two disciplines: design and management. During 2019, the product organization grew from a three-member team into a fully staffed operation. The increased capacity opened doors to incorporate product discussions in other parts of the company and lead to a greater awareness of the importance of a user-centric approach in product development. With the support of our CTO, the IT and the product organizations restructured to implement the LeSS framework, Large Scale Scrum. While onboarding and mentoring new employees, I continued the daily tasks of drafting requirements and communicated product goals and deliveries through roadmaps and weekly updates to the rest of the company.

One of the focuses as the senior product manager at Vrenetic was the implementation of privacy features for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the states’ California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Tasks: daily stand-up, requirements, communication, prioritization, product review, sprint planning, retros, research, analysis, wireframe, user flow

Responsibilities: mentoring, management, organization building, roadmaps, roll outs, alignment

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